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In my 1d 01h 40m total time on the server, by far the most hostile and most abusive administrator is Liz.

I have tried as hard as possible to keep from scream into the mic towards him for being so arrogant, because I don't want to come off as a dick or get kicked/muted.

Since I started playing, I knew he and I wouldn't get along. So I just try my best to not get him triggered. It doesn't work.

EVERY time I play the server and he's online, he bitches that I'm complaining too much, so he straight up mutes me. And never unmutes. I've told him time again to just mute me in the tab menu instead of flatout gag me. I'm not squeaking and squawking into the mic, and my complaints are genuine.

If I disagree with what he does I get exploded, slayed, or kicked.
If I'm literally doing nothing, he'll accuse me of something. When he was joining the server someone killed him before he arrived, so he instantly blamed me, even though I was killing NPCs in a basketball court for 5 minutes.

He's got a bias towards me, and I have no way to defend myself because he's Admin. Spaghetti has had to tell him several times before that an "Admin" move he made was wrong and should be punished.

Earlier today I spent 15 minutes building a base. He blew up the big nuke that unfreezes everything that's frozen and removes all constraints. My base literally shattered all over the map, but I WAS MUTED when it happened, so I couldn't even call him out for it. This is what has really set me over. This is unacceptable.

I don't want Liz to think I'm writing this because I'm mad at him. I'm simply reporting my experience with him and why I think something needs to be done. You can't mute my Forum post.

Thank you for bringing this too our attention. We will deal with accordingly feel free to add me on steam if anything persist, and do have a good time on server!

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