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A-fuckin-gain (An SWC biography)

Alright, no foreplay, servers fucked up again... So over the next month or two I'll be rebuilding it from the ground up and taking more time to fortify some of the back-end architecture. During this time we'll be purging non-essential addons and addons that are voted out. Probably wont be many but, hey, ethnic cleansing... If you want something changed, added, or removed DO NOT message me or any other staff about it. Make an account and post a reply here. I will ignore any PM's about this, trust me you're better off. I forget about the PM's and they fade away into the abyss.

When the back-end updates take place the server will either be temporarily moved to a new machine or shut down for a short period of time. Staff members will know whats going on, or at least the 3 mentioned below.

Liz [Acting-Owner]
Spag [Server Lead]
Immortal [Sentinel]

A complete community overhaul will accompany this rebuild. Meaning rules, site, rank, and basically everything else I can't remember. There are also some neat-o things I've wanted to add in, hush hush. Among the fuster cluck, we'll be reintroducing 2 servers. DarkRP and TTT. TTT just needs staff and some minor updating to be ready for the general populace. DarkRP is... well, non-existent.

Now, something I never thought would be needed. The 4 heads of the community will be voting on who will retain their staff positions after the rebuild. Anyone who is demoted will be placed in Respected and will be first in line for staff picks on the TTT and DarkRP server. This is merely an issue of over populating the staff ranks and I quite honestly never imagined people would stay on the server as long as they have. Not to mention SWC is reaching year one... Like fucking-a. That being said, I genuinely don't know who's on the list, or how many will moved to Respected. Something to stress: this is AFTER the rebuild. Shortly after that the TTT server will be up and anyone in Respected is more than welcome to apply for first round picks.

Lastly, input is not discouraged and is actually greatly appreciated. Making an account is easy shit, do that and post here. A mod will approve it and then we're off to the races. And as much as you fucks make me want to go on a killing spree of biblical proportions, we're a damn good community and while I might be late for a the new years speech, fuck you I'm doing it anyway. Here's to a rocky 2016 and a great 2017.
it's that fuckin' easy

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