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Applying for staff

Steam Name Duratax
Server Name(which server of ours you frequent, it can be multiple servers) SWC
Reason(what makes you think you'd make a good member of staff) I love to force the rules
Time on Server(we have 30 hour minimum on applying for staff) Sure 30 hours wink* wink*

Why do you want to be staff for Sinister War Chest? (At least a sentence) A satff member asked me to become one and i would like to try it out.

Are you a staff on another server? Nope

do you have experience as staff (if yes please explain) Nope

Scenario: A player joined the server and is mic spamming and prop pushing. The Head Admin on says that nothing happend but you saw everything.
What do you do? (A Paragraph at least) What i do is that i report the admin and get the witnesses to help me get the admin demoted

A paragraph is more than 4 or 5 sentences bud.

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